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December 2016

Floating Covers reduce ammonia emissions by 60%: Slurry Store, Slurry Lagoon, Manure Silo & Biogas Plant Digestate Lagoon

TenCate and Wiefferink manure and slurry covers improve slurry as a fertiliser and reduce ammonia emissions from the beef and dairy farming sector, covers are a great way way to reduce ammonia emissions by approx 60% and conserve ammonium which will increase the efficiency and reduce fossil fertiliser costs of your farm.

Do more with less, don't let your nutrient resources and slurry storage space be taken up with rainwater that's not earning its keep.

Choice of 2 covers depending on your needs:


Farmergy Company Mission

Farmergy bring to market innovative sustainable, profit margin increasing products that help you work smarter not harder. We pull together expertise from the sectors of renewable energy, anaerobic digestion, water treatment, engineering, healthcare, farming and agriculture, retail, manufacturing and architecture to bring you a range of products that make it easy for our customers to be compliant, sustainable and energy efficient in the aims of their given sector.

Farmergy Product Procurement

5 easy steps to lower your companies carbon footprint and transform pollution problems into financial solutions.


Research Projects

Have you or your advisor got a great idea but are not sure of the engineering or economic feasibility?
Let us help, we can run the figures for you and give you an understanding of your project


Project Management

Got a project and not enough time to chase down the details, suppliers, stakeholders?


Let us give you a helping hand choose your level of service from
  • A second pair of eyes on a proposal 
  • Full project management
Pleaase view our contact page for a variety of ways to get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you

Biogas, Anaerobic Digestion & Biomethane

Anaerobic digestion products for the United Kingdom and Mexico. Innovative, problem solving technologies by CaviMax (Italy),Wiefferink (Holland) and Metener OY (Finland) – infrastructure for new builds or to upgrade existing anaerobic digestion plants & feed stock and substrate treatment technology, our aim is to optimise your operation.

We don't just sell products, we run biogas and biomethane plants ourselves so know what is needed, what works and how important it is to keep up and running.

Farming and Agriculture

Farmergy have a range of products to increase the sustainability of the farming, agriculture, water treatment industries and a whole raft of industrial processes

For dairy, beef & poultry farming we've a range of floating and self supporting silo and lagoon covers; a range of lagoon liners and mixers available to suit your operation.

Owen Yeatman

Owen is a Nuffield Scholar, in 2005 he gained a Nuffield Farming Scholarship Award which is a travel Scholarship, the topic chosen was Profitable Biogas production in the UK. The study included travel to the USA, Canada, Germany and Denmark, as well as gaining knowledge of the UK market for Biogas. Following the study and publication of study findings, planning permission for a plant situated upon Lowbrook farm was applied for and gained, for a plant fed by cattle slurry and Maize/ Grass silage.