Farmergy and BiomiTech Procurement

To procure The BiomiTech BioUrban range for the UK and Farmergy's range please....


BiomiTech UK
  1. Contact Farmergy to book a client meeting
  2. In the client meeting identify the correct BioUrban model and purchase route
  3. Option to purchase, rent or sponsor a tree in high pollution hot spot or on own premises
  4. Site survey for installation requirements
  5. Install your chosen BioUrban model
  6. Start achieving results instantly
  7. Regular updates on the performance of your BioUrban 2.0 algae tree 
  8. Notification for regular scheduled servicing or algae liquid change


Farmergy Products
Farmergy market a range of products for a variety of industries, all of them are bespoke and tailored to your specifications. So the order of events leading to purchase will be:-
  1. Peruse our range of products and see what meets your need
  2. Get in contact via phone or email
  3. Invite us over for a site visit and survey
  4. We will present you with a quotation based upon the site survey
  5. Once you are happy with your quote we will set you up as a Farmergy customer and invoice according to payment terms, part payment upon placing an order, part payment before shipping the product from Europe, final payment upon installation and/or commisioning
We look forward to hearing from you