Let's stop

polluting our environment!

Cleaning up after yourself never felt so good..... sustainability need not be a dirty word..... profit doesn't have to cost the earth.... innovate don't hesitate... be part of the solution not the problem...CaviMaximise your life... Farmergy's leading the green revolution... get on board

Farmergy bring to market innovative, sustainable, pollution reducing, profit margin increasing products that helps your company join in with the circular economy. We pull together expertise from the sectors of renewable energy, anaerobic digestion, water treatment, engineering, food & drink production, farming & agriculture, retail, manufacturing and architecture to bring you a range of products that make it easy for our customers to be compliant, sustainable and energy efficient in the aims of their given sector. Upscale bioresources, turn waste-to-energy, do more with less and leave a light footprint on the Earth. Take part in the decarbonisation of business to future-proof your company, be smart, resiliant and profitable.
Product Procurement

Farmergy market a range of products for a variety of industries, all of them are bespoke and tailored to your specifications. So the order of events

Research Projects

Have you or your advisor got a great idea but are not sure of the engineering or economic feasibility? Let us help, we can run the figures for you

Project Management

Got a project and not enough time to chase down the details, suppliers, stakeholders? Let us give you a helping hand, from a second pair of eyes on


Farmergy have many years of experience in planning, designing, building, operating and maintenance of biogas plants, we

technology & industry partners