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Municipal Water Treatment (WWTP / STW) and WRAS Water Storage

WWTP covers, STW hydrodynamic cavitation secondary sludge (SAS) treatment systems and Innovative WRAS approved flexible pillow tanks

Farmergy have a range of products to lower the carbon emissions of the municipal water treatment industry. Whether capturing actual CO2 from being released from WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant) clarifiers, providing passive algae control systems, installing innovative rotating DAF coverers, lowering transport fuel cost by replacing rigid CWST's full of air with flexible tanks that when empty take up just 2% of their full volume, our products serve multiple purposes:-

  1. Meeting CO2 reduction targets

  2. Increase the amount of biogas biomethane from your sewage treatment plant AD systems

  3. Save your organisation money

  4. Reduce fuel costs of temporary water storage