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E-PIC S.r.l.

E-PIC S.r.l. is a privately owned process engineering consulting company, based in Turin, Italy. All the members are qualified chemical engineers with expertise in process development, innovation and troubleshooting, both with conventional techniques and so-called "process intensification" ones.
The main activity of E-PIC S.r.l. is about cavitation technologies: we developed our proprietary unit, the ROTOCAV, a very efficient machine, which can be installed for different purposes, in food, cosmetic, nutraceutical, pharma and chemical industries. The ROTOCAV is the rotor stator in the CaviMax cavitator.

Beside process development activities, process R&D and process intensification applications, E-PIC S.r.l. performs process audit and technology comparison activity (both conventional and innovative technologies), by studying technological complexity, operative and capital costs and profitability parameters, highlighting advantages and disadvantages, issuing recommendation for process investment as well as for innovation projects programs. Consolidated relationship with several academic R&D excellence centers around the world, in the domain of "process intensification", grants to E-PIC S.r.l. the opportunity to offer unique process solutions to improve competitiveness on existing processes and plants.

E-PIC S.r.l. received label of Innovative Company from Chamber of Commerce of Turin.

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