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Wiefferink's roof biomethane store solves reject gas problems

‘Reject gas’ causes plant operators problems – reasons for a triple membrane gas store

Biomethane industry expert Mr Owen Yeatman of Farmergy Ltd explains why the Triple Membrane Roof Gas Store is an innovation and benefit to the biogas and biomethane industries.

“As a consultant who has worked on several biogas to biomethane projects in recent years, from the second gas to grid plant commissioned in the UK, to projects currently underway, I have gained much experience over the issues around reject gas.

Wiefferink installs world’s largest Combibag in the UK

Wiefferink has installed in the early part of 2019 the world’s largest Combibag in the United Kingdom.

This unique Combibag has capacity of approx. 16,000m³, Wiefferink has never produced such a huge Combibag. The Combibag has been placed in an existing lagoon with embankment.