Livestock farmers and biogas plants: cover your slurry and digestate stores to reduce ammonia emissions

We supply slurry covers and install and extend flexible slurry and digestate stores, of existing slurry stores on dairy and beef farms and biogas plants in the UK and Republic of Ireland.


Our Wiefferink self-supporting slurry covers The Silocover, come with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee, have a design life of 20 years, however we've seen Silocovers that have been in place in Holland on wastewater plants that are still going strong and looking good after 25 years.


We can supply the Silocovers to fit the usual round silo shape, we can also fit them to above ground rectangular/square slurry stores, and also below ground slurry lagoons where a concrete ring is laid down for us to attach to.


Our floating covers are made by Tencate and can be fitted to either silos or earth sunken slurry lagoons, we can pretty much cater for any shape, and we've seen some strange shapes over the years.


The Ecobag is a flexible storage for up to 500m3 to 15,000m3. It can be used, for example, as a storage option when spreading manure is not permitted, or as a buffer for a biogas installation.


Please visit our Agriculture & Farming Products Page to see the full specification of each of our ammonia reducing products for agriculture and biogas plants.


Slurry stores and covers provide the benefit of:


  • protecting the store from rainwater and reducing storage and field application costs

  • reducing the loss of nitrogen and increase the quality of slurry as a fertiliser

  • reducing ammonia emissions and improving air quality

  • minimising odour emissions

  • reduce ammonia emissions

  • conserve nitrogen

  • increase the efficiency and reduce costs of your farm system

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