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Farmergy Company Mission

Farmergy bring to market innovative sustainable, profit margin increasing products that help you work smarter not harder. We pull together expertise from the sectors of renewable energy, anaerobic digestion, water treatment, engineering, healthcare, farming and agriculture, retail, manufacturing and architecture to bring you a range of products that make it easy for our customers to be compliant, sustainable and energy efficient in the aims of their given sector.

We love bio-mimicry, nature is design, engineering and balance perfected, we can and have learnt a lot by imitating the natural world. Three of our products give a direct nod to the power of natural systems, the CaviMax cavitator utilises and amplifies the hydro(water)dynamic(moving) cavitation(bubble formation) which occurs naturally in flowing water wearing down rock over time, The BiomiTech BioUrban range which harness the power of microalgae and take advantage of their love for using pollution as a food source to sequester air pollution, and the Wiefferink Combibag and Flexfermenter which are in essence artificial cows stomachs that digests, ruminates and produces bio methane from a variety of foods (feed stocks)

While we are passionate about sustainability, environment protection and pollution control, we are also pragmatic business people. Green compliance need not be an expensive bolt on or nice to have extra bit of green frippery and green wash, it is also sound business practice.

Whilst presently an imperfect system where external costs of pollution and degradation are not taken into consideration, we understand that economics and the bottom line are the current drivers of our economy, so each of our products has a duel purpose, either to increase your profits, or decrease your costs (the same thing in the end) and give you the carbon reducing benefits that every company and person needs to address.

Our products are made from sustainable materials to perform in a sustainable way, and we run our offices on biogas to CHP self generated heat and electricity and 100% green gas and electricity tariffs. So, please join us in the business revolution where you can save money, keep your shareholders happy, reduce carbon output and clean up after yourselves - that's an all round good news story to share with your customers.