TenCate Floating Covers: Slurry Store, Slurry Lagoon, Manure Silo & Biogas Plant Digestate Lagoon

Manure and slurry covers improve slurry as a fertiliser and reduce ammonia emissions from the beef and dairy farming sector, covers are a great way way to reduce ammonia emissions and conserve nitrogen which could increase the efficiency and reduce costs of your farm system.

Do more with less, don't let your nutrient resources and slurry storage space be taken up with rainwater that's not earning its keep.

Choice of 3 covers depending on your needs:


1) Suitable for above ground concrete, steel mesh and steel silos (TenCate NICOLON® FLEX800 Floating Covers for Manure Silos) For full specifications visit  TENCATE PAGE
2) Suitable for below ground earthen banked lagoon constructions (TenCate NICOLON® Lagoon Cover)
3) Suitable for above ground concrete or steel silo covers (please see our Wiefferink Silo Cover) For full specifications visit WIEFFERINK PAGE


 All 3 options made from sustainable materials performing a sustainable function, a double win for your organisation if you are looking to lower your carbon footprint


  • Slurry store covers provide the benefit of:
  • - Protecting the store from rainwater and reducing storage and field application costs
  • - Reducing the loss of nitrogen and increase the quality of slurry as a fertiliser
  • - Reducing ammonia emissions and improving air quality
  • - Minimising odour emissions.

Farmergy are agents for TenCate and Wiefferink silo and lagoon covers, please get in contact for more details, site visit and quotation.