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CaviMax Pig Feeding System

CaviMax Farm E.A.T. 

Enhanced Animal-feed Technology

Once again Farmergy is pushing the boundaries of innovation, this time it is for the pig feeding sector. Our partner company CaviMax which has been increasing biogas and biomethane yields of Anaerobic Digestion plants, are now maxing pig welfare and feeding with spectacular results.

BiomiTech - micro algae air purification inspired by nature

Microalgae-based biomimicry - reduce air pollution, produce oxygenated air & biomass for biofuels


Please visit for more information and full tecs and specs while we finish building the UK BiomiTech website.

Wiefferink: the Flexfermenter is a low cost high quality biodigester

The Flexfermenter double membraned combined biogas digester and gas store

Combining the best features of the Wiefferink Air Blown Cover and the Wiefferink Combibag to create a second generation low capital cost high quality primary or secondary anaerobic digester to make return on investment and payback periods more attractive in the world where RHI and Feed In Tariffs are at a non sustaining low for traditional biogas plants.