Municipal Water Authorities

Wiefferink: Biogas, Biomethane and Renewable Gases Storage

Flexible gas storage, for dispatchable renewable gases both temporary and long-term storage options

The gas buffer has been developed for the storage of various gas types, renewable and fossil alike.
Storage of dispatchable gases, tide gases over until the spot rate price is right.
Storage for the deployment of gas to turbine for intermitent generators to match the demand when renewables such as solar and wind are at low production.

Farmergy Renewable Gases and Biorefining Consultancy

If you need help on a project then we're here to help, we have many years of tried and tested experience and contacts in the world of anaerobic digestion, farming, food production and water treatment.

Choose your level of service depending on your requirements, from friendly advice and a second pair of eyes on a proposal to a fully comprehensive project management package, we can cater for all levels of need.

CaviMax: hydrodynamic cavitation technology

Hydrodynamic cavitation technology for the circular economy, this is a disruptive, innovative, fluid dynamic spinning rotor-stator reactor, the go-to machine for process intensification.

This machine can decarbonise the UK comercial and manufacturing industry across the board, just by tweeking a few pre and post reactor engineering bolt-ons, depending on what your process is, we pretty much guarentee we can upscale whatever it is you are doing. What we love about the CaviMax is it's simplicity, elegance and the fact that it works....very well.