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October 2020

The World Biogas Expo 2020

Free to attend, we would like to invite you and your network to The World Biogas Summit and Expo, 6-8 October, online, hosted by The World Biogas Association and The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association UK.

Wiefferink - Service Boxes for AD Plant Agitation

Wiefferink Service Hatch/ Agitator Installation

Particularly suited to Biomethane plants, that need to ensure an 02 free gas supply.

The agitator service port that allows agitator service / replacement whilst the roof remains inflated, and the digester remains in operation, producing gas, and preventing contamination with air.The system is based around a stainless steel platform that is bolted to the topmost rim of the digester vessel, immediately above the appropriate agitator-­ mounting pole.