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September 2019

Innovation for the pig rearing industry - multiple benefits

CaviMax Farm E.A.T. 

Enhanced Animal-feed Technology

"Liquid pig feeding system that meets world wide animal feed innovation drivers"

Pilot study highlight........91%reduction in antibiotic usage* feeding liquid maize forage to pigs


CaviMax Pig Feeding System

CaviMax Farm E.A.T. 

Enhanced Animal-feed Technology

Once again Farmergy is pushing the boundaries of innovation, this time it is for the pig feeding sector. Our partner company CaviMax which has been increasing biogas and biomethane yields of Anaerobic Digestion plants, are now maxing pig welfare and feeding with spectacular results.

Wiefferink shipping container gas storage

New innovation for gas storage, Wiefferink's R&D team are as flexible as their foil materials

Gas bag in a shipping container, as well as our traditional gas buffer ball configuration and our Triple Membrane Roof  Biomethane Storage, we can also fit gas storage into a discreet shipping container.